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Terry R. Cunningham

Founder ( CEO)

Registered Texas Architect


1) Concept Idea to Design Development

We begin with a concept. This can be a concept site plan , concept floorplan or a concept elevation. Most of the time it a little of all three in one large process of creativity . The creativity also has to be tempered by the owner’s program and city planning regulations. After a complete review by the owners and our architects, a final design concept is arrived upon. The design is then developed into a more refined vision of the project

2) Construction Documents to Permitting

Once the building design is determined, we begin a process to define the work to be completed by a builder or general contractor. Utilizing the talents of our architects, architectural designers, consulting engineers, interior designers and landscape architects we develop a set of construction plans or construction documents. It is these documents that are used arrive at the cost of the construction. The city staff will also review these documents in order to assure the planned construction meets or exceeds all the planning ordinances and building codes.

3) Construction Completion to Building Occupancy

The construction process is a very exciting time in the life of a building project. Everyone involved in the project is eager to see columns and walls going up on a weekly basis. Then as the interiors of the building start to take shape, to walk through the newly created experience of the architecture both outside and inside. Once construction is completed and the Certificate of Occupancy is issued by the city staff, the owner can move in and start living and working in the new structure.