What services do architects provide?

An Architect will be your CONSULTANT. They will be the one representing you with the city officials. Not only can an Architect show you what your project will look like(3d modeling), but can give you an idea of what cost and issues might occur before and during construction.

At what point in my project should I involve an architect?

An Architect should be one of the first things you bring to get involved  on your project. A very important reason is they can save you headache and and in the long run $. They will be able to let you know if its achievable and if it aligns with International Building Codes (IBC)  and city ordinances.

How do I find the right architect for my project?

Ask your friends and friends of friends. Not all Architects are built the same. Meet with a few Architects in person. See who is more accessible, who seems to be willing to work with your budget and can get your project done in a timely manner.

Don't Architects add substantial cost to a project?

Architects on most occasions will do the opposite. They will have the experience and knowledge in making sure you stay on budget.

Would I be better off using an Architectural Technician for smaller projects?

It all depends if its a large commercial project or a small residential home. Most cities do not require for you to have a LICENSED Architect(seal) to prepare your drawings if its for a residential home. If its a small scale home addition, it might just be done by a Home Designer. Talk to your city about it. Most of what you seek can be found on their city website.  They will answer your questions via phone as well.

When do you need a LICENSED Architect?

You will need a LICENSED Architect when your project is a public/private commercial building.In some jurisdictions, a home that meets a certain square footage would also need a LICENSED ARCHITECT. Cities will let you know most of the time via their website portal. The city will have a checklist of what is required. Contact your city official on this matter or your local Architect ( TRC).

Will you be able to design the style of building I want?

Yes. But the correct answer is maybe.Many factors will come into play. Timeframe, budget( $) and program ( what you are wanting inside your building).

The best thing to do is have a budget(financing) in place and a program( what you want inside).

Would you like a consultation with an Architect?

The most efficient way is to speak with us, face to face. Get to know us. Send us an email and we can set up a pre consultation.

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