Choosing a location for your future project

Choosing  a location is very crucial.

When a new client calls with some questions about a new project they desire to see a reality, I
ask several questions before I go to work on a site plan
When they tell me about the location they have in mind, I ask them 5 simple questions.
1. Location?
2. Project size?
3. Project purpose?
4. Budget?
5. Timeframe?

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The Location and SITE Plan breaks or makes the project.

After 40 years of designing hundreds of projects I feel like I can develop the highest and best
use for a property. This means placing the right size and right orientation to a proposed building
on a site or location.
Many clients are running on excitement and emotion when a new bright and lucrative idea
crosses their minds.  I try to place a bit of common sense and discernment into the process of
defining a site plan or a location.
I make every effort for my client to understand the results that may be achieved. Being honest
as well as upfront in a site analysis about their location, makes the project better. This helps me
sleep at night.

“Perfect”, is one of my favorite words. It helps alleviate the buildup and pressure that my client is facing. 

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Making sure that my client is understanding the results that may be achieved and me being frank with them about their location, helps me sleep at night.