Site Analysis

A detailed study is performed of a prospective site for your project. A preliminary concept site plan is prepared based upon input from the Owner, the city , topographic studies and other considerations. Several alternative concepts can be developed to assist in site selection and best use.

Site Platting, Zoning Approvals

The platting instrument is prepared and submitted to the city for approval. Our firm will represent you at all city meetings. If a zoning change is required , we can prepare and submit the zoning instrument and represent you in all city meetings.

Preliminary Design

A preliminary design of the architectural elements of the project is prepared for the Owners review. This is accomplished only after careful study of the site , the Owner’s vision, city requirements and the specific project requirements. The preliminary design is presented with a site plan, building floor plans and exterior elevations.

Construction Documents

Once the preliminary design of the project is approved by the Owner, there is additional development of the building design. Construction documents are then prepared which detail the specifics of the building’s components and how they are fitted together. These are used to arrive at the cost of the project, city permitting and the actual construction.

Contract Negotiations/ Bidding

Our firm can assist in the negotiation of construction contracts with general contractors or in the administration of soliciting bids for a contract. We review all proposals and advise the Owner as to the best proposal or bid.

Construction Administration

This service includes assisting the Owner and Contractor during the course of construction. Site visits, job meetings, clarifications, shop drawing reviews and pay requests reviews are samples of this service. Please note that this is not construction management or supervision of the work.

Design / Build Options

Our firm offers architectural design services along with the expertise of a chosen contractor. The Owner works with the Design/ Build Team from the project’s inception. This form of project management will usually result in a cost effective building in a shorter span of time.

Accessibility Compliance

Our firm can review and make recommendations as regards to making sure your new or existing building is in full compliance with the state and local disabled accessibility codes.