Interior Remodel for First Baptist Church Arlington-. Arlington, Tx.

The church has numerous additions completed over 60 years. This project planned the demolition of about 75% of the first floor education spaces of 23, 500 sf. The new design will compliment a new sanctuary and new children’s building. The project is under construction with completion expected in late-2021. Owner Representative – Dr. Barry Rock

Blackstock Center -Calvary Pentecostal Church- Fort Worth, TX.

An education building addition and remodel of 28,740 s.f. containing a classroom space for all children, youth and adults. There are also separate worship venues for the youth and children areas. The multi function building also has a grand reception area, coffee bar, children’s playground and banquet hall. The project was completed in late 2008 with a budget of about $2,500,000.00.


Glory Chinese Baptist Church- N. Richland Hills, TX.

A new two story 12,765 s.f church building composed of structural steel with a brick and stone exterior. The project has a 200 person worship center, fellowship hall, small gym, education rooms, a youth worship venue & a children area. The project was completed in late 2011.

First Baptist Church – Mansfield, TX.

An extensive 17,000 s.f remodel of the commercial kitchen and education area into a new kitchen, coffee bar, parlor and commons facility. New adult meeting and education rooms were also included. On the front of the church three large covered canopy shelters were added in 2009.

First Baptist Church- Arlington, Tx.

Numerous additions and alterations to the 130 year old church in downtown Arlington . These include library expansion, welcome center expansion, youth area reconstruction and extensive exterior additions / upgrades.

Arlington Christian Church Castle – Arlington, Tx.

An ancillary building to serve the youth/ children of the Arlington church. The structure is a recreation of a medieval castle. The 3 story 12,400 sf building is executed in split face block with cast stone accents. Cost of the project was about $ 900,000.00 in 2000.

Mission Arlington – Arlington, Tx.

A complex of buildings to serve the needy developed by First Baptist Church of Arlington. The mission service building is a 2 story 16,375 sf structure. The mission office building is a 4,545 sf stucture. Both were additions/ renovations of existing buildings. Many construction costs were offset by donations in labor and materials.

Southlake Boulevard Presbyterian Church- Southlake, Tx.

A Phase 1 building of 10,880 sf containing a gym/ worship center with office and classroom spaces. The exterior is brick with a stone watertable. Cost of the project was about $ 1,200,000.00 in 2001. A master plan was also developed for the church.

Highland Meadows Christian Church- Colleyville, Tx.

A Phase 2 building addition of 27,600 sf containing a classroom space for all children and youth grade levels. The exterior matches the existing structure in concrete brick and champagne colored glass. Cost of the project was about $ 1,750,000.00 in 1998 .

Saebit Baptist Church – Euless, Tx.

A Phase 1 building of 4,000 sf containing a main sanctuary with office and classroom spaces. A multicolor layered brick pattern was used on the church elevations. Cost of the project was about $ 330,000.00 in 1994. A master plan was also developed for the church.